World bank lists top countries to invest in

April 25, 2018

DURBAN - A World Bank report has identified four distinct factors that encourage investment into most countries.


The ranking in the best countries to invest in, is based on scores from over 6000 business decision makers on an assortment of eight equally weighted country attributes. These include corruption, dynamic,economically stable, entrepreneurial, favourable tax environment, innovative, skilled labour force and technological climates.



The four distinct categories mentioned are:


1. People

2. Environment

3. Relationships

4. Framework


These categories are said to motivate potential investors to invest in a country's natural resources, markets, technologies or brands.


Here are the top countries said to have the best investment climates:


1. Philippine 

 Phillipine Photo: Facebook


Population: 103,3 million

GDP: $304,9 billion

GDP per Capita, PPP: $7739


The economy is the Philippines is flooded with millions of dollars each because the Filipinos abroad send money home. A growing tourism industry has helped the country manage a budget surplus. Although foreign investment is low, natural disasters in the country draw humanitarian aid.



2. Indonesia

 Indonesia Photo: Facebook


Population: 261,1 million

GDP: $923,3 billion

GDP per Capita PPP: $11717


Manufacturing is the largest contributor to the Indonesian economy. Some of the country's exports includepalm oil, cocoa, natural gas and crude petroleum.



3. Poland

 Poland Photo: Facebook


Population: 37,9 million

GDP: $ 469,5 million

GDP per Capita PPP: $27690


The country's economy is the largest in Central Europe and was the only economy in Europe to not be affected by the recession between 2008-2009.



4. Malaysia

 Malaysia Photo: Facebook


Population: 31,1 million

GDP: $296,4 million

GDP per Capita: $27292


Malaysia has an upper-middle income economy and it is a major exporter of electrical appliances, electrical parts, palm oil and natural gas.



5. Singapore

 Singapore Photo: Facebook


Population: 5,6 million

GDP: $297,0 billion

GDP per Caita PPP: $87832


The Gross Domestic Product per capita is high in Singapore and unemployment is low. They have efficient manufacturing and production practices.

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